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Dry Nose to Happy Snout in 1 week!

In Paws, Snouts, 04.13.2016

Immediately after getting neutered, Archie developed a terrible dry nose. His owner, Lisa purchased Happy SnoutsTM and applied it to the dry patch every day. Lisa just sent us these photo of Archie’s nose, taken a week apart. You can see from the image on the left that the crusty section at the top of his nose was quite pronounced at the start, a week ago. It had been this way for some time while Lisa tried to find a solution. Today, after using using Happy SnoutsTM for just 1 week, the image on the right shows that dryness has almost completely disappeared.

“Wow!! Not even a week of using “Happy snout” and the difference is unbelievable!! I cannot believe how much it has helped in such a short time. I thought it would take at least a month to fix… We still have a little ways to go but all the crusty stuff is gone. Amazing product!!”

Lisa – Tottenham, Ontario, Canada.


Thank you so much for the comments, Lisa. It is always amazing to hear when our products are helping dogs such as Archie achieve a better quality of life (and, of course, helping him to be the handsome dog that he is).

Your dog can suffer from a dry nose for a variety of reasons including environmental conditions, allergies, illness, medication side effects or even just wear and tear. Happy SnoutsTM is an all natural product formulated with premium ingredients to be a soothing, healing, restorative balm that can be applied in all these situations. It has proven very effective whether restoring your dog’s dry nose to its rightful glory (as in Archie’s case) or just helping to ease discomfort and help to heal cuts & scrapes.

Keep your dog happy, use Happy SnoutsTM.  You can get yours today at


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Happy PawsTM is an all natural natural, healing balm for your dog’s paws. Massage into the pads to soothe dry skin and repair minor cuts & scrapes.

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Strong PawsTM is an all natural protective wax for your dog’s pads. It acts as a shield for your dog’s pads against harsh conditions like hot pavements, snow & ice, sand & moisture and allergens.

Shop for your Strong PawsTM here:


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PawsitiveFx is a proudly Canadian brand. All of our products are made with premium natural ingredients and formulated and manufactured just outside Vancouver, BC. We pride ourselves on quality products which help to keep dogs healthy and fit.



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