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Snouts r’ Us

There are big dogs, small dogs, furry dogs and hairless dogs. We love them all!

One thing that makes your dog unique is their nose. Dog noses are like human fingerprints in the sense that no two are exactly the same! Their snouts can be long and narrow (like a Collie), medium and wide (like a Springer Spaniel), or hardly existent at all (like a French Bulldog). There are even technical names for these varying types of snouts that relate to a “cephalic index”, or the measurement of an organisms skull. Here’s a little bit of a breakdown on the technical names for these different types of dog snouts!:

  • Dolichocephalic
    • Dogs that are dolichocephalic have the longest of the snouts.
  • Mesocephalic
    • These dogs have medium-length schnozes.
  • Brachycephalic
    • These guys have pushed-in or very short noses.

What kind of snout does your best friend have? Their nose is extremely important to their health, so knowing exactly what you’re dealing with can be very helpful when they need a little extra loving!

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