Shake a Paw

Dogs, unlike humans, typically brave the world in their bare feet! Even when the weather’s hot or freezing cold, your pooch still treks the trails with his or her paws while we wear shoes and boots to protect our soft soles. This is because your pet’s feet are designed to withstand much more than yours! Their pads are layered with fatty tissues that help to insulate and protect their feet from a range of temperatures. The surface of the paw is much more durable than human skin, as it meant to help protect your pup from rough terrain.

When you’re nervous, do you get sweaty palms? Dogs also have sweat glands in their paws! This helps to regular not only the temperature, but also the moisture levels. It is imperative for their health, comfort, and happiness that their paws are always feeling in toe-top shape!

Speaking of toes, dogs are digitigrade animals which means that when they walk they put the majority of their body weight pressure onto their four main digits. Most dogs also have a dewclaw, which many people believe to be the remnants of opposable thumbs. The larger centre part of their pad is called a metacarpal, and this meaty part of the paw helps your dog put on the brakes when he has been running really fast!

All of the components of your dog’s paw are important because your dog’s feet are his or her only vehicle to exploring the great big world. Sometimes, especially in extreme weather conditions, paws can become  dry, chapped or cracked; it’s very painful for your pooch! So give Happy Paws™ a try and watch your best friend’s paws improve within only a few applications and to maintain paw health, or be sure to use Strong Paws™ when you know you’ll be taking your dog for a stroll in the snow, on the hot pavement, or on rough terrain!