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Happy Snouts™ is an all-natural, moisturizing, and soothing balm used to help heal and/or maintain the health of your pooch’s nose! If your pal is suffering from a dry, crusty, cracked or chapped nose, apply 2-3 times daily to see fast results and then reduce to 1 time a day for maintenance.

This product is also extremely helpful if your dog suffers from hyperkeratosis, which causes the skin of their nose to become thick and calloused. Not only that, but Happy Snouts™ is great to keep you pup’s nose safe from the sun, wind burn, and other extreme weather conditions.

Happy Snouts™ mean happy dogs.

Happy Paws™ is an all-natural, multi-purpose balm that, when applied to your pet’s pads, quickly heals and soothes cracks, dry patches, and irritations. You can apply this product to your dog’s feet 2-3 times a day and, once their paws are starting to look healthier, you can reduce the number of applications to 1 a day for maintenance.

Extreme weather conditions and terrain (such as boiling hot sidewalks or snowy trails) can cause your pup some serious foot pain. Give their paws some love when they’re feeling less than their best!

Strong Paws™ is a wax-based, all-natural formula that acts as an invisible barrier between your dog’s pads and the ground underneath them. Imagine an invisible boot that helps to protect your pup’s paws from extreme weather conditions and terrain that is hot, cold, salty, rocky, or downright uncomfortable. Strong Paws™ is that invisible boot.

Apply this product before you take your pet out for their walk, especially if their feet have already been feeling rough or raw. Protected paws let’s them explore without pause!

Nose folds can become infected quite easily. Muck and dirt often get into the cracks, which are a perfect place for bacteria to grow. Sometimes you need a little more than just a regular clean! Happy Snouts™ has ingredients that specifically combat bacteria growth, and that also help to loosen the muck in your dog’s nose folds.

After giving them a wipe with a warm cloth, apply Happy Snouts™ in between your best friend’s folds and on their nose to help with all their nose symptoms!

In short, yes! Happy Paws™ is a balm used for healing, soothing, and maintaining your pet’s paws, while Strong paws™ acts as an invisible boot that is most effective when applied before you and your bud goes on a walk. They work great as a dynamic duo!

Many owners have reported seeing pawsitive results in just one day! Depending on the severity of your dog’s paw/nose condition, our balms make take a few more days to start yielding visible results.

Not to worry, though! The moisturizing and healing ingredients found in our all-natural formulas are so effective that they will make their way through even the deepest cracks; you can rest assured that even though you can’t see immediate results, your dog is already on their way to healing.

The tendency of most dogs will be to lick their nose or their paws; it’s a way that they understand the world around them, and they will be curious to know what their human is up to! Our products are so safe that you or your pooch could take a taste and have no problems at all.

If your dog is a chronic licker, employ a method of distraction in order to ensure that as much of the product as possible absorbs into their snout/paws. Try giving them a bone to chew on in order to occupy their mouth, or treat them for their good behaviour with a game of tug-o-war!

Even if your dog takes a taste of the product, don’t fret for your pet. All of our products absorb/adhere quickly due to the fast-acting nature of our all-natural formulas.

While we have had no reported allergic reactions to any of our products, we would recommend to owners with dogs who have pre-existing allergies to ask their vet about our all-natural ingredients list.

Our products are formulated, and hand crafted in small batches in Vancouver, Canada.

We currently ship to both Canada and the United States.

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